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K-Bro was founded in 1954 and is the largest owner and operator of laundry and linen processing facilities in Canada. K-Bro provides a comprehensive range of general linen and operating room linen processing, management and distribution services to healthcare institutions, hotels and other commercial accounts.

K-Bro currently operates ten processing facilities and two distribution centres under two distinctive brands, including K-Bro Linen Systems Inc. and Buanderie HMR, in ten Canadian cities: Québec City, Montréal, Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.

Fishers, acquired by K-Bro in 2017, was established in 1900 and is an operator of laundry and linen processing facilities in Scotland and the North of England. Fishers provides linen rental, workwear hire and cleanroom garment services to the hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors. Fishers' client base includes major hotel chains and prestigious venues across Scotland and the North of England. The company operates five sites with facilities in Perth, Newcastle, Livingston, Coatbridge, and Prestonhall.

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Environmental Stewardship

We're proud of our track record of environmental stewardship. Our circular model keeps high-quality products in use for longer, while reducing natural resource consumption, and offers sustainable alternatives to single-use or disposable products. In recognition of our environmental stewardship we have earned Clean Green and ISO 14001 certifications.

Social Responsibility

Putting people first is integral to supporting the communities in which we operate. We foster our customer-centric culture, promote health and safety, embrace diversity and ensure K-Bro is a great place to work. As an essential service provider to healthcare and hospitality customers, K-Bro contributes to positive outcomes for millions of people each year.

Governance & Partnership

Strong corporate governance has always been a priority for K-Bro, supporting stronger stakeholder relationships and enhanced long-term value. Global sustainability action relies on partnership and collaboration to truly be successful and we’re proud to contribute to achieving better outcomes.